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How White Evangelicals Think

The Psychology of Conservative White Christians

A place for everyone who is angered, saddened, or just plain baffled by how white evangelicals think and behave. Here we talk about the psychology of conservative white Christians. This is neither an angry screed nor an apologetic, but a genuine attempt to understand this important group through the lens of psychological research.


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My name is Dave Verhaagen and I'm a licensed and nationally board-certified psychologist, the author of nine books, an adjunct professor at Vanderbilt University, and the founder of one of the most innovative psychology practices in the country. My books include Parenting the Millennial Generation, Therapy with Young Men, and the new How White Christians Think. I've spoken over 600 times all over the country and the world. I have also served as an Executive Producer of two feature-length documentaries featured on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Apple TV+, and shown in theaters in over 200 US cities.


My first two books, Reckless Hope and GenXers After God, were published by a Christian publisher, Baker Books. I've been an elder and served as board chairman for a large (2500+ member) church, held an adjunct appointment at an evangelical seminary, served as a volunteer staff member for a campus ministry, and spoken at innumerable Christian conferences and churches. In other words, I'm coming to you as an insider, a fellow traveler, and fellow struggler. While I have deep concerns and laments about the state of the white evangelical church, I've not come to burn anything down. I've come to offer understanding and insight that, hopefully, can lead to healing and repair.

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